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Vino Rails Designer Grid 3×1 (curated wall-mouted metal wine rack display)




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Unleash your inner designer with cork-forward wine bottle racking. The Vino Rails Designer Kit comes with everything you need to map out and install a beautiful metal wine peg racking system on any wall in the home. Perfect for the DIYer or as a gift, this kit comes complete with everything you need to create a stunning, 3-bottle display, including interactive BILT 3D instructions and a handy plotting guide to take the guesswork out of installation.

Add to your kitchen, wet bar, or other entertaining rooms, regardless of wall surface. These Rails are designed to install to wood or drywall surfaces; no backer support needed.

Vino Series

The Vino Series is our artistic, minimalist approach to bottle storage. Start with one bottle and let the interior designer in you run loose. Our label-forward Vino Pins and cork-first Rails are single-bottle metal wine racks that allow you to break from linear wine racking to invent artistic expressions that hold one bottle or thousands.

Offered as wall mounted pegs, floating post systems, or striking Flex columns.

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