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7 Ways To Serve Wine That Will Impress Your Guests

Do you know that feeling when you walk into a party and the host is pouring wine for everyone? You look around at all of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances. All of them are talking with one another while they sip their wine. It’s a unique social atmosphere! And the chances are good that it will be even better if the host knows how to serve wine properly.

Serving wine can be tricky sometimes, but there are seven different methods for doing it that will always go over well with guests: by the glass, by the bottle, carafe style, or individual glasses on a tray.

Pour Wine By The Glass

Serving wine by the glass is a great way to ensure that everyone gets an equal amount of wine. It also provides that there will be enough leftovers for all guests if they want another glass later on in the evening. Serving it this way means filling up a few small glasses with different wines and putting them into a giant mirror. That is an easy way to do wine, and it will impress your guests that you went the extra mile for them!

Serving Wine By The Bottle

Serving everyone’s favorite wines by the bottle is another great option. Guests only have to ask someone what they would like and then pour themselves a nice serving of their drink of choice from one single bottle. It saves time pouring all those wine glasses but isn’t quite as impressive as having multiple different types of wine available at once.

Serving Wine In A Carafe Style

You can also choose to offer up some carafes or individual glasses with beer bottles or other drinks to give people options while still allowing them to serve themselves. Serving wine this way is easy for the host because they only have to fill up one container and leave it out on a tray or table. It requires minimal effort but still gives people options, which means that you will make all of your guests happy by serving their drinks!

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Serving Wine At Proper Temperature

If you are hosting a party or dinner, you’ll want to ensure that the wine is at the right temperature. Serving it too cold will ruin your guests’ experience with their drink which can be pretty embarrassing if this happens in front of family and friends!

Serving Temperature For Different Types Of Wine

There are several different wines served throughout parties or dinners, so there’s a lot you need to know about doing temperatures for each one. Pinot noir/Pinot grigio bottles of wine should always stay on the ice, while sparkling wine is meant to be chilled but not overly so because over-chilling could cause it to become flat faster than expected. Other wines like Riesling tend to taste better when slightly warmed up instead of straight out of an ice bucket. However, Bordeaux and other reds can be served at room temperature to give them a more rustic flavor.

Pair Wine With The Proper Food

If you’re hosting an event, two different types of wine should be prepared for the occasion: white wine and red wine. White wines go best with seafood, while appetizers or light snacks will compliment your guests’ experience with their drinks if they have been drinking red wine so far in the evening. Remember these tips when it comes time to serve up some vino!

Follow The Ritual To Open A Wine Bottle

The most important thing to remember is always to keep your thumb on the cork while slowly turning the corkscrew. That will allow you to control how far it goes and prevent accidents from happening.

When removing the cork, try not to touch any sides or top because this could transfer bacteria into your drink and cause spoiled wine. Once again, never press down with force and only use enough pressure for leverage to not break or bend pieces of the corkscrew.

Don’t Overfill A Wine Glass

There are many ways to serve wine, but one of the most delightful techniques involves adding some liquid before pouring. That allows for better diffusion and aroma release as well as preventing hot glasses! You can even garnish your drink with flowers or fruit if desired – it’s all about experimenting until you find what works best in any given situation.

The drinker’s preference determines the amount that should be put into each vessel: lightweights will require only two fingers, while seasoned tipplers may need up to three-quarters cupfuls (and remember not too hot). Whichever result is achieved through these adjustments on pouring time, it is essential to ensure the glass isn’t overfilled.

Impress Your Guests With Best Wine Accessories

It doesn’t matter how fancy your dinner party is or what you serve, and the wine accessories are just as essential. Wine racks to display different wines for guests to choose from and a wine cooler so that they can keep their favorite drink chilled will help them feel at home in your space.

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